Shooting systems for confetti and streamer effects overview

In the following you will find an overview of our rental devices for different areas of application.

CO blaster systems

CO2 blaster systems are perfectly suitable for an even and long confetti rain. The jetting high reaches 30 meters. Unlike the compressed air, the shooting systems carry the CO2 blaster paper or glitter confetti for a longer period of time, up to 2 minutes. The operation occurs continuously or in more intervals by CO2 compressed gas cylinders with up to 180 bars.

CO2 blaster systems are perfectly suitable for presentation ceremonies, stadiums and big event locations. Systems with smaller gas cylinders with a shooting height of 12-15 meters are better for stages and smaller locations.

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Stadium shot system

The stadium shot systems are one of the efficient streamer / confetti shooting devices on the market. The streamer garlands are connected with a loud bang, which is shot up to 50 meters through a big pressure tank, which is connected with a special fast opening valve.

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Multi 8 Systems

Our Multi 8 systems work with electric pressured air launching tubes. They contain an electric triggered pressure cartridge, which shoots the material between 10 and 30 meters in the air depending on the tube large. Pro Multi 8 systems can be fired off up to 8 air pressure shooters. The control follows a wireless, digital pyrotechnic shooting system with a reliable radio transmission, which has more than 1000 channels. The Multi 8 systems are controlled by a controller in any compiled quantity and are compatible with each other. Each channel can be separately
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Streamer cannons

The powerful cannons shoot stadium streamer to a height of up to 40 m. Equipped with a large pressure tank and a solenoid valve, this system is ideal for spectacular shots of streamers in the open air area.

Power shot systems

The power shot systems work with electrically disposable ignitable compressed air shooters and are controlled by a switch or dimmer channel 230 V. Pro systems can cause a shooter. These systems are due to the small size and are ideal for those in a stage or to integrate, for example in a booth.
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Swirl Fan XL

The Swirl Fan is designed exclusively for the continuous assembly and can be controlled by a dimmer channel. Even longer confetti effect is produced because of the integrated fan, which intensity can be controlled from mild to severe.

The systems are whispery quiet and ideally suited for platforms, walkways, theater and TV productions.

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Shot base

Shoot base systems are ideal for smaller events. They are controlled by a standard remote control and pre-filled disposable electronic ignitable compressed air shooter. An integrated control program has various settings for the single launch, launch and scheduled group shot. We offer the systems as 8 and 16 versions. A safe solution is possible for public use because of a tripod adapter.

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Power shooter

The power shooter is a hand-held launcher for confetti or streamers. It is controlled manually by pushing a button. The operation can take over a 12 gram CO2 cartridge per shot or 20 oz bottle storage. The power shooter is despite its small size very powerful and shoots confetti up to 20 meters / streamers up to 30 m.

Power shooter systems are ideal for integration into scenic representations on stage or as a starting point.

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