Water entry with automatic shutdown
wasserfall eingang, wasser eingang, wasserleinwand eingang

Our water entry is equipped with a walk-in pool and a motion-controlled electronics. Once a person is approaching, wall of water turns off automatically and gives way. After an adjustable time delay, the curtain of water only switched on again automatically when nobody is present in the effective range of motion.

We offer a water curtain in single-row version of the illumination by headlights or three rows in nozzle design for projection with a video projector.


- Water curtain width: 3 m
- Walk-water pool with a grill cover, non-slip ramp on both sides, width 3.60 m, depth including ramp: 2,40 m
- Total width of the module, including truss frame: 4.20m
- Decoration and lamination of the truss frame as desired
- Including pumping equipment, hoses and pumps silenced box.