Waterfall module wasserfall, wassemodul, echter wasserfall, event, messe, mieten

Our water fall module is a real waterfall made ​​of stainless steel. The water falls down from a waterfall shell with 2.70 m width in the form of a crystal-clear water film. As with a real waterfall, the water is distributed from about 1.20 m to a water surge. The waterfall is completely transparent and smooth at height up to 1.20 m.

The height of the waterfall, we can individually configure the module according to your wishes. Depending on the head a small or large tank is needed.


- Waterfall bowl made of stainless steel 2.70 m width
- Traverse frame for attaching, designed to integrated water basin with sealing film.
- Decoration of the pool fire and lamination of the beams as desired.
- Including pump technology and silenced pump box.
- Power supply: 3 x 230 V / 16 A Schuko connection